What is Discount Fashion Warehouse?

We love to follow trends on google to see what the up and up is. Most of the time its coupons or events happening, the usual. Today we saw “Discount Fashion Warehouse” seems straight forward, but what is Discount Fashion Warehouse?

According to the website, their mission statement is, “We want to make our Shoppers Happy!” 

 • The first way is to provide clothing,  accessories and footwear at the most  discounted price we can, in some cases,  as much as 90% off regular retails.

• Another way is to provide a fantastic  selection of treasures for our customers.  Treasures that fit all sizes, shapes, and  styles! We want our customers to visit  often and always walk away with their  “favorite” piece of clothing – this week!

• The third way, and maybe the most  important way, is to create a wonderful “Customer Experience” for each of our shoppers, each time they visit our stores. We want you to shop us like you’re visiting your best friend and always leave with a smile and a new look!

Currently they have 9 stores across Ohio and claim to have Pop-Ups that you can find out about through their insider program. Their social media doesn’t give us much to go off of, but from what we’ve gathered, they are a closeout store (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross) for mid tier stores such as Victoria Secret, Express, LL Bean, and more.

We love the thought of trying to re-sell at lower price points but, will the continue to fuel the fast low quality fashion were seeing more and more of? 

Let us know your thoughts! Have you shopped at discount fashion warehouse?

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