The Top Shoe Brands: SE Picks

From Stuart to Ecco, shoes are the foundation of our outfits (literally) so here is a few of our favorite shoe brands!

We will be adding to the list periodically, so keep an eye out for new additions to the list!

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#2 Charles & Keith ($-$$) (W+K)

CHARLES & KEITH was founded with a vision to empower women around the world to express themselves freely through fashion. The brand pushes the boundaries of modern footwear and accessories by constantly reinventing fashion with its curated collections.

#3 Dolce Vida ($$) (W+K)

Named after a bar in Italy where our founders first envisioned the brand (in the form of sketches on a cocktail napkin), Dolce Vita has always done things a little bit differently. In 2001, Dolce Vita was officially founded on New York’s Lower East Side, cementing its place in the world of artists, musicians, and rebels. Since 2001, Dolce Vita has remained true to its place in this creative mecca, and the brand continues to be synonymous with standing apart from the crowd

#4 Public Desire ($) (W)

Public Desire is a global online footwear brand selling the hottest styles to fashion forward girls looking for stylish updates without breaking the bank.
As our unique products are in demand from fashionistas all around the globe, we ship to all countries right here from our global distribution centre in the UK!

#7 Hunter ($$-$$$) (W+M+K)

Founded in 1856, Hunter is a progressive British heritage brand renowned for its iconic Original boot and holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. The brand has a rich history of innovation and continues to forge designs that shield pioneers from the elements and bleakest of landscapes.

#9 UGG ($$) (W+M+K)

In 1978, a young Australian surfer founded the UGG brand on the shores of Southern California. His Aussie roots forged a strong love for sheepskin and he was convinced the world would one day share this love.

#11 Nina Shoes ($$) (W+K)

Nina Footwear Corp. is a leader in the footwear and accessories categories for women and girls. Established in New York in 1953, Nina is a company rich with heritage, but focused on staying current and evolving with the times. For almost 60 years the Nina brand has stood for quality design and affordable fashion. Representing accessible luxury, Nina develops footwear, handbags, and bridal accessories for women with a flair for fashion and an eye for value.

#13 Steve Madden ($$) (W+M+K)

What began as a modest $1100 investment in 1990 has developed into one of the most iconic brands in footwear. From a factory in Queens, NY, Steve Madden has revolutionized the shoe industry, merging years of experience with unique and creative designs. Inspired by rock and roll and his New York roots, his vision to provide on-trend women and men with an outlet to express their individuality is innovative, daring, and inspiring. Steve’s innate understanding of trends and unparalleled willpower have resulted in millions of customers worldwide and propelled his designs to the forefront of fashion. He has expanded the Steve Madden brand into a true lifestyle and destination for footwear, handbags and accessories, sold in over 80 countries worldwide. It’s about authenticity. It’s about embracing individuality. It’s Steve Madden.

#14 Teva ($-$$) (W+M+K)

The original sport sandal emerged from the shores of the Grand Canyon back in 1984. Born out of necessity to prevent sandals from floating downstream, a resourceful river guide strapped two Velcro watchbands to a pair of old flip-flips. And just like that, Teva was born.

#16 Ryka ($) (W)

We are stronger together than we are apart. Rykä believes that a woman’s participation in fitness programs builds and strengthens her self-esteem and confidence. With this in mind, we support fitness industry professionals through our Rykä FIT program and alliances with various fitness groups like Jazzercise, Curves and R.I.P.P.E.D.

#17 Dr Scholls Shoes ($-$$) (W+M+K)

William Scholl was an inventor and entrepreneur who created products to comfort feet. In the 60's, he designed a simple wood sandal with a brightly colored strap inspired by a vintage clog he found on his travels. He set out to make a shoe that was good for one's health and ended up creating an enduring fashion icon.

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