The Fastest Growing Brands of 2019 by Generation

Fastest Growing Brands by Generation Chart

Hey Everyone!  According to, we’re not that different across generations after all.  It’s no surprise to see the #1 fastest growing brands of 2019 across ALL generations is DOORDASH !  Guess all generations still have the basic need to eat, and to get it delivered quickly!

Interesting takeaway by generation:

Gen Z, not driving as much on their own but taking Uber

Millennials are pounding down the White Claw as fast as they can.

Gen X’rs for some reason are eating 100 grand chocolate bars

and least, but not last, the Boomers are getting Purple beds

All in all, there is some interesting growth on the chart, but we are all more alike than the world says we are!

Did you think these would be the fastest growing brands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Written by Brenda West


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